Arduino Programming with TinkerCard

This hands-on course will teach you the fundamentals of coding, electronics, and hardware interaction, providing a strong foundation for creating your own innovative devices. From LED blinking to sensor integration, you'll learn to design and simulate Arduino-based projects efficiently.

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Course overview

Explore the world of Arduino programming through our comprehensive course on Tinkercad. Discover how to bring your electronic projects to life without the need for physical components, as Tinkercad's virtual platform emulates real-world Arduino circuitry.

Join us to unlock the power of Tinkercad and Arduino, unleashing your creativity to design and prototype electronic wonders from the comfort of your computer

What will i learn?

  • Learners will gain a good foundation in creating projects with Arduino on Tinkercard
  • A computer with occasional access to the internet
Curriculum for this course
23 Lessons 02:03:27 Hours
Getting Started with TINKERCAD
5 Lessons 00:26:06 Hours
  • What is an Arduino
  • Overview and Advantages of Using Tinkercad
  • Creating a Tinkercad Account
  • Navigating the Tinkercad Interface - Part 1
  • Navigating the Tinkercad Interface - Part 2
Electronics Fundamentals
4 Lessons 00:22:13 Hours
  • Understanding the parts of the Arduino
  • Understanding the Electronic Components
  • Wiring and Connecting Components
  • Basic Arduino Terminologies
Combining Circuits With Codes
6 Lessons 00:33:29 Hours
  • Guidelines for Connecting LEDs - Part 1
  • Guidelines for Connecting LEDs - Part 2
  • Blinking 3 LEDs
  • Readings from Temperature Sensor
  • Ringing a Buzzer based on Conditions
  • Course Material - Circuit Diagrams
Using Breadboards
4 Lessons 00:19:48 Hours
  • What is breadboard?
  • Adding Components to the Breadboard
  • Using the Breadboard - Part 1
  • Using the Breadboard - Part 2
Project - Building an Automatic Door Sensor
3 Lessons 00:20:39 Hours
  • Overview of the Project
  • Connecting the Components
  • Coding and Testing
What's Next
1 Lessons 00:01:12 Hours
  • What's Next

Frequently asked question

Is this course for beginners
Yes..this course takes you from the very basics. Tinkercad's Arduino simulator is beginner-friendly
What is Tinkercad, and how does it relate to Arduino programming
Tinkercad is an online platform that allows you to simulate and create electronic circuits, including Arduino-based projects, in a virtual environment. It's a valuable tool for learning and prototyping Arduino projects without physical components.
Can I use Tinkercad for free, or is there a cost involved
Tinkercad offers a free plan that provides access to a wide range of features, including Arduino simulation.
Can I export my Tinkercad Arduino projects to physical hardware
Yes, you can export your Tinkercad Arduino projects to real hardware if you have the physical components. Tinkercad provides code that can be used on a physical Arduino board.
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